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IT Lighthouse offers a variety of Services and Service Plans that can be used to resolve a broad range of information technology issues.  Below are a few client scenarios and the solutions provided by IT Lighthouse.

Scenario: Facilitated the merger of three independent medical practices into a single super practice.

Three separate medical practices merged into a single super-practice.  The three practices used non-compatible EMR/PM applications, non-compatible billing systems and utilized separate data / telecom systems.


IT Lighthouse created a transition plan which included the selection of a centralized EMR / PM application, an estimated budget and an implementation timeline.  IT Lighthouse assisted with contact between the various ISP vendors and the practices to ensure the internet connections met the specifications of the software and hosting needs.  IT Lighthouse also verified the monthly cost for data services was in line with the current market price.

IT Lighthouse implemented a hosted network solution which provided full access to all practice locations.  The hosted solution reduced the costs to the practice by removing service and asset overlap.

IT Lighthouse implemented a centralized, standardized IT support model which reduced IT overhead and streamlined end user services.

Scenario: Onsite Desktop Support

A mid sized firm was experiencing high turnover at the internal desktop support position causing end user support issues, a backlog of IT project work and a decrease in productivity across the organization.


IT Lighthouse performed an IT audit of all technology hardware and software in the environment.  Upon completing the audit, IT Lighthouse worked with the accounting department to verify assets and the depreciation schedule.  IT Lighthouse set up an IT asset database and implemented an IT asset life cycle policy.

IT Lighthouse rolled out a centralized incident tracking system.  The information from the incident tracking system allowed IT Lighthouse to create a knowledgebase of common issues and frequently asked questions.  The knowledgebase gave users the ability resolve simple issues without waiting for IT support, allowing end users to remain productive.

IT Lighthouse set up a Dedicated Account Team as opposed to a single onsite IT resource.  In the event the primary IT Lighthouse resource was unavailable, another member of the Dedicated Account Team would fill in ensuring end users were not impacted and business continued to function normally.

Scenario: Server and Infrastructure Upgrade

A business critical software application reached the end of its life cycle and support was discontinued by the manufacturer.  The software application needed to be upgraded to the latest version which required a new server with more processing power.


IT Lighthouse contacted the software manufacturer on behalf of the client and collected information in regards to recommended hardware specifications for the new version of the software.  During the conversation IT Lighthouse inquired into possible conflicts with specific hardware/software platforms.

IT Lighthouse provided the client with hardware/software options which were in line with the software manufacturer’s requirements.  IT Lighthouse created a plan to transition all data and users from the existing server to the new server.

IT Lighthouse executed the transition plan transferring all user data and services from the existing server to the new server.  IT Lighthouse also enabled remote access which granted workers greater flexibility and allowed the sales force to connect to the office from the road.